Monday, December 23, 2013

Introduction - Flag and National Anthem Stamps

A flag generally is to symbolize a nation or country. Some national flags have been particularly inspirational to other nations, countries, or subnational entities in the design of their own.
A national anthem(also national hymn, song etc) is a generally patriotic musical composition that evokes and eulogizes the history, tradition and struggles of its people, recognized either by a nation's government as the official national song, or by convention through use by the people. An anthem can become a country's national anthem by a provision in the country's constitution, by a law enacted by its legislature or simply by tradition. The majority of national anthems are either marches or hymns in style. The countries of Latin America tend towards more operatic pieces, while a handful of countries use a simple fanfare. National anthems are usually in the most common language of the country.


Anthem Title: Surude wa ya Masiwa
Lyric by: Abdul Bari Jahani
Music by: Baret Wassa
Adopted: 1990


Anthem Title: United Around the Flag
Lyric by: Aleks Stavre Drenova
Music by: Ciprian Porumbescu
Adopted: 1912


Anthem Title: We Pledge
Lyric by: Mufdi Zakaria
Music by: Mohamed Fawzi
Adopted: 1963


Anthem Title: El Gran Carlemany
Lyric by: Enric Marfany Bons
Music by: Joan Benlloch
Adopted: 1921

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Anthem Title: Forward Angola
Lyric by: Manuel R. A. Monteiro
Music by: Rui Mingas
Adopted: 1975


Anthem Title:  National Song
Lyric by:
Music by:

Antigua and Barbuda

Anthem Title:  Fair Antigua, We Salute Thee
Lyric by: Novelle Richards
Music by: Walter Chambers
Adopted: 1967


Anthem Title:
Lyric by: Zahira Hiliman
Music by: Rudolf Theodorus Palm


Anthem Title: Patriotic March
Lyric by: Vincente Lopez y Planes
Music by: Blas Parera
Adopted: 1813


Anthem Title: Our Fatherland
Lyric by: Michael Nalbandian
Music by:
Adopted: 1991


Anthem Title: Land der Berge, Land am Strome
Lyric by: Paula von Preradovic
Music by: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Adopted: 1946


Anthem Title:  March on, Azerbaijan
LYric by: Ahmad Javad
Music by: Uzeyir Hajibeyov
Adopted: 1918


Anthem Title: March on, Bahamland
Lyric and Music by: Timothy Gibson
Adopted: 1973


Anthem Title: Bahrainona
Lyric by:
Music by:


Anthem Title: My Golden/Beloved Bengel
Lyric and Music by:  Rabindranath Tagore
Adopted: 1972


Anthem Title:  In Plenty and In Time of Need
Lyric by: Irvine Burgie
Music by:C. van Roland Edwards
Adopted: 1966


Anthem Title:  State Anthem of the Republic of Belarus(My Belarusy)
Lyric by: Mikas Klimkovich
Muaic by: Niescier Sakalouski
Adopted: 2002


Anthem Title: Brahainona
Lyric by: Jenneval(Dechet)
Music by: Francois van Campenhout
Adopted: 1860

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Anthem Title:  Land of Free
Lyric by: Samuel Alfred Hayes
Music by: Selwyn Waford Young
Adopted: 1981


Anthem Title: The Dawn of a New day
Lyric and Music by: Gilbert Jean Dragnon
Adopted: 1960


Anthem Title: Hail to Bermuda(God Save the Queen)
Lyric and Music by: Bette Johns


Anthem Title: The Thunder Dragon Kingdom
Lyric by: Dasho Gyaddan Thinley
Music by: Aku Tongmi
Adopted: 1953


Anthem Title: Bolivianos
Lyric by: Jose Ignscio de Sannjines
Music by: Leopold Benedetto Vincenti
Adopted: 1851

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anthem Title: National Anthem of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Lyric by: Duan Sestic abd Benjamin Isovic
Music by: Duan Sestic
Adopted: 1999


Anthem Title: The Land of Ours
Lyric by: Kgalemang Tumedisco
Music by: Motseto
Adopted: 1966


Anthem Title: Hini Nacional Brazileino
Lyric by: Joaquin Satrada
Music by: Francisco Manuel da Silva
Adopted: 1831


Anthem Title: God Bless the Saltan
Lyric by: Abdul Rahim
Music by: Haji Awang Besarbin Sagap
Adopted: 1951


Anthem Title: Dear Motherland
Lyric and Music by: Tsvelan Radoslavoy, Music Polished by Dobri Hristov
Adopted: 1964